TAAI Conventions are a huge opportunity to destination that hosts them. Several destinations have blossomed with more inbound resulting. The visibility they gain is phenomenal.  TAAI @ Kashmir brought back the rich memories of TAAI Conventions of 80’s and the unforgettable moments these conventions created. March 27th to 29th 2018 witnessed this historic and momentous happening.  Delegates were gifted with an absolutely fantastic experience.

It started as a “limited edition” event. The large numbers surprised us. They were well rewarded. Each of the three days was dedicated to offer them an experience that is extraordinary and rare.

The superbroleby the Hon’ble Government of J&K, particularly, its ministry of Tourism is exceptional. The local authorities;tourism organizations and our very own TAAI J&K Chapterwere awesome. They packed the event with generous courtesies.

Hon’ble Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti accompanied by her team of ministers moved our hearts with her most emotional; eloquent and touching address on the opening day.  We are grateful to her and the leaders for considering us so well. AapAayeBahaarAyee was her acknowledgement to TAAI. (You have come and you brought the bloom time for us). She thanked TAAI for the hand-holding extended by bringing this convention to Sringar.

Organizing Conventions is a huge challenge and a highly professional approach applied. TAAI tries its best to gift privileges to delegates. This was only possible due to our partners and sponsors who played a key role.The networking; Travel & Trade Expo; Knowledge sessions; Entertainment; Cuisine and Cultural presentations –presented the most outstanding industry event of the country. It was our 64thConvention. That is a great testimony to our people connect.

You don’t have to be great to start;But you do have to start, to be great, said  ZigZigler. Truly this has been a important start in favour of India – in favour of Kashmir. Thank you for joining us – and do stay tuned, for the events TAAI will unfold.


Warm Regards, 
Sincerely yours

Sunil Kumar R
President, TAAI