A Brief History of TAAI and its Growth

What is TAAI?

  • Apply superior technical skills to the jobs on hand.
  • Deliver the highest quality of service.
  • Act responsibly within sound financial parameters.
  • Build trust and credibility in the marketplace.

The symbol TAAI is an enforcement of reliable and professional service.

Aims and Objectives

  • TAAI is conscious of the interest of the travelling public and maintains high ethical standards within the travel trade.
  • TAAI aims at the development of the travel and tourism industry in India by constantly improving the standard of service and professionalism in the industry so as to cater to the needs of the travelers and tourists from within India and overseas.
  • TAAI is engaged in promoting mutual co-operation among the different segments of the travel and tourism industry, among TAAI members, by contributing to the sound progress and growth of the industry as a whole.

Activities of TAAI

  • TAAI functions as a powerful platform for interaction of thoughts and experiences.
  • TAAI helps promote, maintain and stimulate the growth of travel and tourism in the industry.
  • TAAI educates and equips the members to meet the challenges of tomorrow through conventions and seminars.
  • TAAI draws the attention of the controlling and regulatory authorities in the country and discusses with them the problems of the industry and works for the survival and betterment of its members.
  • TAAI maintains close contact with world bodies and represents matters affecting the travel and tourism industry of the country.
  • TAAI gathers useful information on travel and tourism and disseminates the same to its members for their guidance.
  • TAAI helps develop better understanding among the different segments of the travel industry and brings them into its fold by offering membership under different categories.
  • TAAI fosters fraternity among its members.

TAAI has signed several MOU's with various Travel Agents Associations in neighboring countries and around the globe.