FITTEST will Survive àà Fittest WILL SURVIVE.

Times have changed. They will continue to and will not wait.
Opportunities have grown. They will consistently multiply.
Challenges have impacted. They will demand greater resolve and character.

The old maxim suggested – in order to survive, you must be FIT. Its emphasis was on “prepare to be FIT”to encounter the environment. The new order implies that if you are FIT, survival is assured. The emphasis moved on to a definite success for those who are ready.

The big question – Are we ready, today? Is our focus on the challenges of the changing world or is it on our renewed capabilities as talented leaders?


Take a look at the difficult trials many of us gothrough. We are dragged into a routine and this continues. Profit seems difficult – customer’s demands are taxing – complicated tasks – lack of “proficient” working teams– competition is with unequal’s, with the `big’ ones – constant changes problematic. We are threatened to go obsolete. The best of our technology can soon turn irrelevant. Lack of excitement in business can cause inertia and prevent newer initiatives.

The BIG challenge before us is to ENABLE “the FITTEST ME”. Lou Holtz’s quote drives a good point - "It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it."

It is time to beat the routines that trap us. We must go beyond the customary or the calf path we get saddled into. Are we ready to experiment newer approaches that enhance our fervor to do what we are involved with? This can keep us young – in body & spirit. Most times, we start of every morning with a new thought – to do something different – but end up the day, “fixing up what’s in front of us”.  We get drifted into unexciting situations and some of us, ironically, discover comfort zones quickly and life goes on, unexcitingly.  If this must change, and if we must transition into more exciting roles then let us start off somewhere, now. "It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light." said Aristotle.

The Industry of Travel, in the last two decades, witnessed changes that caused tremendous discomfort and posed challenges to its stakeholders. Enormous financials and time investments, do not reward us well, today. The turn of industry events – from depriving us of “respectable remuneration” to “competition with principals” to “high technology costs” to “expensive administration” to “complex government regulations” and other areas have negatively impacted the fraternity. As a result, most new generations prefer better career options.
There is a great need to roll up sleeves as TAAI. We urgently must find the best way forward. At a recent Managing Committee meeting,we concluded to prepare a program titled “The Travel Agent of Tomorrow”. This program must define and model the successful entrepreneur, given the complexities that exist.

Surely, the industry size; passengers who travel; and its turnovers will not stop. They will only grow. TAAI and its vast resource of specialists; experienced and far-reaching industry leaders can develop new designs to help educate the fraternity.  Some may say,it is the end of the road. There may be others who remark that the “best is yet to be”.Yes. TAAI remains committed to this model and invites you to associate with us and share your expertise. Please join.

If the big challenges are negatively impacting us, our encounters can only build our strength and character. It is for us to discover the path. History suggests that on many occasions, what was considered impossible was proved otherwise.

Let us do it together and work towards building a healthy industry. With TAAI, it is possible!

Warm Regards,

Sunil Kumar R
President, TAAI

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