Efficiency or Effectiveness!
Both. Its time to Live BIG.

A few stunning statements released must be reviewed with seriousness.

Destinations worldwide received 561 million international tourists (overnight visitors), 21 million more than in 2015.

18.33 million Indians travelled overseas in 2014 as compared to 16 million in the previous year. UNWTO predicts Indian outbound has potential to grow to 50 Million by 2020.

Chinese outbound during 2015 grew by 12% to 120 million passengers and they spent 104.5 Billion Dollars, an increase of 16% from previous year.



Astatement from IATA suggests  - By 2032, it expected that passengers flying would rise to 6.5 Billion as compared to 3.1 billion during 2014. Aircrafts flying will rise to 43,560 during 2034 as against 21,600 during 2014.

There are more such startling and mind-boggling statistics that suggest “times will never be the same again”.

Travel & Tourism industry is poised for incredible growth. Undoubtedly. With a massive rise in the “middle-class” population – 1.8 billion during 2009; to 3.2 billion projected for 2020 and 4.9 Billion people by 2030, a colossal change will result in the scale of economies. Today’s exponential times are witnessing amazing yet true scenarios. The bizarre competition offers “speed and convenience” as key selling features that traps buyers, particularly millennial billions, who will dominate the next 20-30 years.

How do we connect with our future? Are we ready with our insight on how we will grow beyond our today? Are we driven by an easy “default” or by a complex “design” that meets evolution? What is our next five-year growth - in terms of how much we will sell - how many passengers would we serve? What will our earnings be to sustain success and growth?

it is a loud call – alerting us to check our levels. The dichotomy of living – my efficiency vs. my effectiveness – must transcend us into those reflecting bigger numbers – bolder goals – better results. The debate does not end with our efficiency barometer suggesting our apt capabilities. An investment in technology or enhanced infrastructure cannot guarantee delivery. Many start-ups are choked with poor results, despite peripheral dressing. Talents must meet the skill. Learning must transition into application. Investments must quantify returns. Efficiency without effectiveness may be the symptom to be fine-tuned.

We spend considerable time as people; as businesses; as families in acquiring qualifications that decorate our profiles. But that is not the total picture for success. There must be ongoing labour – there must be output that supports results – there must be evolution in our thought leadership as disband the challenges that limit us. It is time for us to hone our discernibility that helps us to distinguish between our efficiency vs. what we actually achieve. We must tweak our strategies to win-over these astounding times.

Every year, TAAI is one year older.  Every year, there is one more year of happenings to add to our narrative script. Apart from our key strengths; age and size – we must radiate change and share best practices.  An association like ours has miles to go – many more mountains to climb and impact more learning. We can only be as strong as our weakest links. It is an opportune time for us to “collective learn” new approaches that support introspection and inspiration. It will be a delightful gesture to support us “unlearn”, more than learn; to unbundle rigidity and to dispel limiting myths. 

I invite you to join us to post our positive experiences; powered thoughts or perceptive visions that our readers of NAMASTAAI can benefit from. If there is a bigger success to earn, for our association, forthe industry and for us, it starts with us, now and immediate.

Let’s do it together.

Warm regards

Sunil Kumar R
President TAAI

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